...1871 Mauser Rifle
...1871 Mauser Carbine
...71/84 Mauser Rifle
...Gewehr 88 Rifle
...Kar 88 Gewehr 91
...Gewehr 98 Rifle
...Kar98AZ Kar98a
...Type 38 Rifle
...Type 38 Carbine
...Type 44 Carbine
...Type 99 Rifle
Bayonet Book
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Militaria, Slings, and Bayonets
A must for every collector of German bayonets. This book covers all Third Reich issue bayonets, also covers the little known Reichswehr bayonets in detail. Every copy is signed and numbered. "Reichswehr and Wehrmacht Bayonets 1920-1945" covers the following bayonets in detail: Reichswehr SG98/05, SG84,98; Rare W.u.K. 84/98; S/Codes, Maker Marks, Letter Codes; Charts on all bayonets; Rare Variations; All Metal handle Model asw; Riveted grip Models; Ultra Rare 1945 dated 84/98 Models; SG84/98 third reich Sawback; Altered Czech VZ24 (SG24t) Bayonets; Altered Czech VZ33 (SG33t) Bayonets; Altered Polish Bayonets (all models); Russian tokarev WaA Bayonet; Third Reich Export Models; Altered Foreign bayonets with WaA; SS marked Bayonets; Police Marked Bayonets; Police Unit Marks; Special section on asw and sgx Bayonets; Special section on Ferlach and omc Bayonets; Special section on agv and pyy Bayonets; FG42 Bayonets (all models); SG42 tool bayonets (all models); Commercial 84/98 bayonets; Rarity Charts, Values Chart; Frogs and Knots (Troddel, Faustriemen and Portepee); and Waffenamt Chart. Illustrated with 68 pages: 31 Bayonets illustrated; 14 pictures of Bayonets with Frogs, Knots, E-Tools, and rifles. Illustrations of Knots, Police and SS markings; Assembly and Commercial markings. New List of S/Code makers. Mike Welser, PO Box 3285, Quincy, CA 95971-3285. welser@digitalpath.net Correspondance is welcome anytime.